Zuzana perceives textile design to be a medium, delivering her perspective on contemporary social development as well as a subjective artistic expression. Moreover, she does not aim to present textile as mere pleasing decoration but as a strong and respected communication tool in a public sphere with its sculptural quality.


Zuzana Zmateková, currently studying at Aalto School of Art, Design, and Architecture, has earned her first master’s degree in Textile Design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. There, she has not only developed her painting and drawing skills but also a conceptual approach to design. Various internships abroad have contributed to improving her competencies in textile techniques such as screen-printing, digital printing, jacquard weaving, and knitting. Her design style has been further developed during an exchange program at the Lodz University of Technology and later in the Textile Design Innovation Studio at the Nottingham Trent University.

Besides these study visits, she participated in a long-term internship in a Volkswagen Colour and trim design studio in Wolfsburg, Germany. Here, she collaborated in the development of new textiles and interior designs. However, she considers one of the greatest personal achievements to be an internship in the renowned fashion studio Alexander McQueen in London. For four months, she had become a member of a professional designers’ team designing textile prints for dresses and scarfs. Her most recent working experience has been in Mitwill textile design studio in France. Numerous internships, study visits, and working experiences have taught Zuzana to fully employ her creative and artistic skills and competencies, among the strongest may be listed drawing, painting, and composition.

Moreover, using digital programs and different media such as photography and video, she has been experimenting and reaching beyond the boundaries of the conventional reception and understanding of textile design as well as the message it may convey via such a strong communication medium as fashion is. Generally, Zuzana’s conceptual designs and artworks reflect and address contemporary socio-political issues through visually appealing imagery.

Throughout her work, she has been inspired by topics and issues as a consumerist society, symbolism’s transformation, void and emptiness, tradition versus innovation, new media, and digital aesthetics. She perceives textile design to be a medium, delivering her own perspective on contemporary social developments and also a very subjective artistic expression of her personality. Moreover, she does not aim to present textiles as a pleasing decoration but she sees it as a strong and respected communication tool in a public sphere with its value as well as a sculptural artistic expression.




Master’s Programme in Fashion, Clothing and Textile Design,
Aalto School of Art, Design and Architecture
Helsinki, Finland

2008 – 2015

MA degree Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava, Slovakia                                                                                                                                                                                 

2014 | Jan 20 – May 20

Textile design innovation, Nottingham Trent University,
Fine Arts and Design, United Kingdom Exchange student – Erasmus

2011 | Jan 1 – Mar 20

Faculty of textile design
Lodz University of Technology, Poland Exchange student – Ceepus

Working experience

January 2020 – October 2020

Aalto School of Art, Design and Architecture

Research Assistant

April 2019 – April 2020

Pattern Lab

Textile designer and a vice chair 

2020 – present

Vanelli Textiles

Freelance print design


Isadore Apparel

Freelance print design 

31, 2015 – 2019

Mitwill Textiles Europe

Freelance textile Designer/Creating textile prints for a commercial marketer

2016 – 2019


Fashion Print Designer/Creating original fashion prints for a luxury fashion brand

2016 – 2018

Beard and Fringe

Freelance Textile Designer/ Creating original fashion prints for a lifestyle fashion brand


2019 | Oct 1 – Dec 15
Clerici Tessuto, Luxury fabric manufacturing company 
2012 – 2013 |  Oct 1 – Jan 30
Alexander McQueen, Digital print on textiles department


2011 – 2012 | Sep 19 – Feb 2

Volkswagen AG Design, Colour and Trim department                                                                                                         


Talentshop 2020, Habitare –  Selected designer

Slovak Design Awards 2019 – Jury Award for project ConTEXt 

Bratislava Design Week Awards 2019 – Best product

YTAT Young Textile Art Triennial 2016 Łódź, Poland
3rd prizeYTAT
Young Textile Art Triennial 2016 – Rector’s Award
Strzemiński Academy
of Fine Arts Łódź, Poland
Academy of Fine Arts and Design Rector’s Award 2015
Bratislava, Slovakia
MA project Digital Aesthetics
New Face of Bratislava Design Week, 2015
Create your own contest/ Think Big, 2013
Winner with the collection Forme Oublié
Upholstery, 2009Messe Frankfurt, Germany
Finalist with the project Check-deck chair